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At the heart of our generous formulas, with sensory textures and addictive scents, our laboratory integrates 100% pure and natural essential oils, powerful and precious actives to provide you with a unique experience of well-being and relaxation.

Because knowing how to disconnect is more important than ever, to be in harmony with oneself and others, Kiotis creates the opportunity for self-care.

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Essential oil is a fragrant and volatile substance. A true reserve of vital energy for the plant, it serves as much to defend itself against predators as to attract pollinating insects.

The essential oil is stored in specific parts of the plant, such as petals, wood, leaves, fruit, or in its entirety.

For each essential oil, we determine the right dose that ensures the perfect balance between effectiveness, sensory experience, and tolerance for our treatments.

Each formula undergoes a usage test to assess its tolerance under dermatological and/or ophthalmological control.


To make our rituals a regenerating source, we draw on the forces of nature while limiting our impact through better production.

FORMULATION: Our formulas contain a minimum of 87% naturally derived ingredients, and our goal is to increase this share with each new development.

All our foaming gels are formulated without sulfates (1).

We substitute synthetic raw materials (emulsifiers, gelling agents, etc.) with natural raw materials whenever possible and continue in this direction. All our rinse-off formulas contain ingredients that are biodegradable (2).

1- without sulfate surfactants

2- On the organic part of the formula

PACKAGING: All our boxes are made of cardboard from sustainably managed forests.

Each new Kiotis product is part of one of the following approaches:

• Reduce: the use of non-renewable resources such as plastic.

• Recycle: by using as much recycled glass and plastic as possible for your bottles, pots, and tubes. Favor glass jars that are infinitely recyclable.

• Reuse: by giving a second life to all our recyclable packaging in existing channels or through reusable packaging.

PRODUCTION: 100%* of our products are Made in France

*except for pearls, the technology of which we do not control, which are produced in Italy.

Time for oneself

Just like nature, the biological rhythm of our bodies is cyclical. An equilibrium often sacrificed by the intensity and frenzy of daily life. Yet, to be able to give the best in everything we undertake, it is vital to know how to recharge.

With Kiotis, take time for the essentials!

Respect your natural cycle by devoting time to yourself.

Through our addictive scents, through our enveloping and sensory textures, through their ability to transport your senses, Kiotis allows you to suspend time, regardless of the time of day. Simply choose yours, according to your pace and mood.

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